Actual Peak Bow Weight

Actual Peak Bow Weight is the weight of your bow at full draw. For best result, you should have your bow weighed using a bow scale. Most archery shops or clubs should have a bow scale that you can use. A smaller handheld version of the bow scale is also available from many archery shops and is a neat gadget to have. Alternatively, you can calculate the approximate value of your actual peak bow weight. The Archery Manufacturers Organization (AMO) standard draw weight of a recurve bow is the force required to draw the bow 28", measured from the nocking point on the string to 1.75" in front of the pivot point of the handle. But in many bows, the distance to the back of the bow handle is usually close enough. Note: Back of the bow is the part that faces the target and where stabilizers are usually attached. Having understood this, check the back of the bottom limb for your AMO bow weight. An example of the inscription that you might find: AMO 68" - 40# Then measure the distance of your draw length from the nocking point on the string to the back of your bow. Use the following to determine your calculated peak bow weight: For bows 40# and under: add or remove approximately 2 pounds for every 1" draw length difference For bows over 40#: add or remove approximately 3 pounds for every 1" draw length difference In the example above for a 68" bow with 40# AMO draw weight, this means that if my draw length is 29" from the nocking point on the string to the back of the bow, then my calculated peak bow weight will be: 40# + 2# = 42# Note: You should only calculate your peak bow weight if you can't get a bow scale. Sometimes, you may find that bows have heavier or lighter draw weight than those inscribed on the limbs. Peak bow weight is used to determine your arrow shaft size. If your calculated peak bow weight is wrong, you will end up with the wrong arrow size and cause difficulty in tuning your bow.

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