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Image Skeleton Bobsleigh is a sport which has developed from tobogganing and which is similar to Cresta. Unlike Cresta, it is not elitist and is open to both men and women. Athletes race head-first down an ice track after a sprint start, on a small one-man sled known as a skeleton and speeds experienced are often in excess of 80mph. The sport in its present form has evolved over the last twenty years to be highly competitive, with a World Cup series of races and a World Championships being held each season. In the past, the sport has tended to be dominated by the central European nations, mainly because that is where the majority of bobsleigh tracks are. As the sport has expanded and become more accessible, this domination has been reduced, and more nations are able to compete with a chance of winning. The sport is administered internationally through the Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT), which has its headquarters in Italy. In Britain, the sport is administered by the British Bob Skeleton Association (BBSKA) with the British Bobsleigh Association being the overarching association and the conduit for FIBT correspondence.

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Gold and silver for British Bobsleigh & Skeleton athletes

A brilliant gold medal for slider Laura Deas and silver in the four-man bob made for an impressive start to the season for the British Bobsleigh & Skeleton Association athletes based at the University of Bath.
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Lizzy Yarnold wins Olympic gold

British Skeleton’s Lizzy Yarnold stormed to victory this eveing at Sochi as she scooped up the gold medal in the women's Skeleton.
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“It’s as good as it gets” says Lizzy

“It’s as good as it gets!” That was Bath-based skeleton slider Lizzy Yarnold’s verdict at the halfway mark of the Olympic Winter Games competition in Sochi.
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