Personal Bests Broken at Princes Record Slalom

19th July 2002

The Princes Record Slalom lived up to its reputation as an event for the cream of Britain's water ski slalom skiers with European Champion Jodi Fisher leading the way on the 10.25m rope length and bettering his personal best by one and a half buoys. He was joined by 4 other skiers who also furthered their best ever scores on the Princes Club course.

In what is believed to be the highest standard of domestic slalom event ever, 10 skiers made ran the 11.25 metre line over the two rounds with both Fisher and 19 year old Will Asher also completing the 10.75 metre rope length. This involved them taking the 10.75 pass with a fairly stiff tail wind which both skiers accomplished to set up a challenge on the 10.25m line.

Asher took the first round with 1.25 buoys ahead of Fisher's 1.00 buoy. The 32 year old knew that he would have to equal or better his previous best performance to head off his young challenger and did just that with a superb 3.00 buoys, nearly ending up in the back of the boat such was the speed he generated in getting out and around buoy 3 and then having to get back in the boat wake to round up the buoy score.

The Princes Record was the first of three specialist slalom events organised by British Water Ski. Next will be the Gosfield Record at Gosfield Lake, Halstead on August 7th and the series will finish at Tallington Lakes, Lincolnshire on August 21st.

Results Princes Record Slalom (best score of 2 rounds)

1st Jodi Fisher 3.00 buoys @ 10.25m

2nd Will Asher 1.25 buoys @ 10.25m

3rd Jeremy Newby Ricci 4.50 bouys @ 10.75m

4th Glenn Campbell 4.50 buoys @ 10.75m

5th Jason Seels 2.50 buoys @ 10.75m

6th Shawn Bronson 2.25 buoys @ 10.75m