The Road to Athens - Nick Dempsey

25th July 2002
by Nick Dempsey

Olympic windsurfer Nick Dempsey keeps us updated with what he has been up to over the last month in his latest Road to Athens diary:

The time to the games seems to be going by very fast. I can’t believe that it is almost half way through the cycle since Sydney, but fortunately things have been going to plan!

In my last diary instalment I had not been able to compete in any decent events this year due to illness, and I didn’t really know where I was. I had only sailed against the Brits and I didn’t even know how they were doing.

Since then I have done two of the Eurolymp Olympic Classes Regattas, SPA and Kiel. Both events went very well and I finished in 1st and 2nd place respectively. I think it was more of a surprise to me than anything as I pretty much had my arse kicked in training for the past two months and so I wasn’t really aware of the pace I had!

Both of the events were windy, which helped me out a bit as I’m still not up to my full fitness, and so it was a bit of a relief that the wind was blowing. It’s slightly easier in the wind than in the light.

I went to Chicago at the beginning of the month for a week as my brother was getting married out there, but unfortunately for me I was stuck in the Hotel Gym all week – not much fun really! Although, it was good to get away for a week as I had been stuck at home in Weymouth for a while!