Louise Moore's Diary


5am - Leave for Manchester airport to catch a fight for the first stop on the Euro Pro tour in Italy

Noon - Meet up with friends & fellow competitors Caroline Jannson from Sweden and Cheryl Newton from California.

12.30 - Hire car and drive what's meant to be a 50 minute drive to the competition site, get there 4 hour's later - don't ask!

5pm - Finally in Viverone, it's raining hard, the place is like a ghost town, meet up with the American film crew & organize to shoot tomorrow for an extreme sports DVD they are producing.


9am - Head down to competition site, finally some nice weather and glassy water.

10am - Take a practice set, Adrian manages to get some footage.

Noon - Head out to the next town of Biella for some sight seeing & shopping, drive all the way there and back without getting lost - we were pretty proud of ourselves!

6pm - The heavens open and there's a torrential rainstorm but unlike England it clears up after an hour and doesn't stay around for 3 weeks. Go out to dinner, not impressed with the food though, nothing like my local Italian restaurant back home.


10am - Head down to the site, clear blue skies and glassy water, conditions are looking good, open men beginqualifying rounds.

Noon - Try to eat lunch, but it's not happening as pre competition nerves are kicking in.

1pm - Our time to ride, head down to the dock, Cheryl is first off the dock, doesn't have a great run, looks uncomfortable on the water, Caroline sticks a pretty good pass, falls once, I go out have a good run got a few inverts in, satisfied with my pass, qualify in first place.

2pm - Back to the hotel for a lie down, competitions are tiring; I think it's due to running off adrenaline all day.

4pm - Cheryl & I head down to the bar overlooking the lake to sample the local daiquiris - not bad! Just one though as we have finals tomorrow.

10pm - Party at the hotel, now I thought the Swedes were crazy when it comes to drinking alcohol and partying, but the Dutch would give them a good run for their money - one of their riders, I forget his name but they call him 'Porno' I don't think he even made it back to his room, spent the night passed out in the corridor instead.


11am - Head down to Site, there are people everywhere, this place had come alive all of a sudden, the atmosphere on site is unreal, crowds of spectators everywhere, MC Lorenzo doing a great job as usual pumping up the crowd. There are film crews & photographers everywhere, which is a good example of how much our sport is growing and appealing to the media.

4pm - Time to ride, I'm last off the dock, warm up and try to relax a little, watch Caroline she falls early, gets a few inverts in and falls again, the water is really back washy, Cheryl goes out, same thing, gets a few tricks down and falls twice, damn this isn't looking good, I'm not a big fan of choppy water, Justine goes out, goes huge as and usual doesn't fall until right at the end of her second pass, got to stick my run to beet her. Pressure's on, I know I can win just got to go out there and do it. My pass goes well, I stand up, just miss my double up but that should have won it.

6pm - Prize giving, I win! Do some TV interviews then head off back to the hotel.

8pm - Time to celebrate, out for dinner then back to the bar where the friendly bar tender decides to hook us up with an open bar all night.


You can imagine, very bad head! Bags to pack, cars to drive, flights to catch! It was a mission!


Enjoy a lie in bed

11am - On the computer, check emails, contact sponsors with my results.

Noon - Speak to my manger James at Form Talent, give him my schedule for the next month The weather is really bad doesn't look like there is going to be any wakeboarding today.

PM - Talk to Caroline, we arrange for me to go to Sweden in June, get back on the internet to book a flight to Sweden.


AM - Phone Pine Lake 'Hey Dave, what's the water like today?' 'Like the North Sea, don't bother!' OK, this isn't good, got another tournament at the weekend, need to ride.

PM - Drive up to Windermere to distribute flyers for my coaching clinics, hit all the caravan parks, gas stations, launching points, pro shops. Stop by the Ski Shack to say hi to Rich.

5pm - James calls, he's managed to get me a piece in Loaded magazine.

6pm - Do an interview for Loaded over. FRIDAY 31st MAY

Drive to Pine Lake, I'm riding today, no matter what, Pat, Buz & Rob are working on the slider for the competition at the weekend. Can't persuade anybody to ride, well it was freezing & windy. Take a set, goes good; I've still got all my tricks dialled.


AM - Back on the road again, pick up Rob Moyle and begin the long drive south.

2pm - Arrive at the Quays, it's sunny, warm too and the water doesn't look that bad either.

3pm - The rest of the Pine Lake Posse arrive and head straight to the bar, I take a couple of practice sets, notice the run for the comp is going to be a bit short, might not be able to fit all of my tricks in.

5pm - Check in to my hotel down the road in Frimley, nice place, cheap too.

8pm - Back to the Quays, Enty & Buz provide some quality drunken entertainment.

SUNDAY 2nd JUNE 10am - Watch the Junior & Junior men divisions, it's amazing how much these guys have progressed, there's definitely going to be a few more European Champions and even world champs coming out of the UK.

Noon - Ride my qualifying pass, goes well, qualify in 1st place.

2pm - More TV interviews for image wizard TV.

6pm - After a long wait its time for my final, I'm last off the dock, ride well, don't manage to do all my tricks as there's rollers at the end of the course, just hope I did enough to win.

7pm - Ben Hitch lands a heelside 720 off the double up in the pro men's finals.

8pm - Prize giving, another nerve racking experience as they call the results from 4th to 1st place. However, to my relief, I took the top spot again, a great start to the season so far.

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