British Skiers at the European Junior Championships

19th August 2002

A bag of medals were won by British skiers at the European Dauphin and Junior Championships held in Vilvoorde, Belgium, 14 – 18 August 2002. A team of 4 Dauphins (Stephen Critchley, Alex Anthony, Chelsea Bradbury, and Christian Trevor – injury replacement for Chris Haslam) along with 4 Juniors (Chris Bellingham, Sam Haslam, Laurie Anthony, and Emma Mitchell) were selected, as well as individual slalom specialist Nicole Arthur.

In Dauphin girls slalom, Chelsea Bradbury finished 7th (4@55kph) behind the top three of Nancy Chardin FRA (0.5@13m), Vera Anastassiou GRE (4@14.25m), and Marion Aynaud FRA (2@14.25m).

In Dauphin boys slalom, Christian Trevor lost a run-off for the final after initially tying for the all important 10th place in the preliminary round with a score of 4@14.25m. Stephen Critchley scored 0.5@14.25m finishing 20th with Alex Anthony close behind in 22nd with 3.5@16m. 1.5@12m won the final for Matteo Luzzeri ITA, with Bojan Schipner GER in silver (0.5@12m) and Stelio Merolla ITA winning bronze (5@13m).

In Dauphin boys Tricks, a silver medal was won by Stephen Critchley with a final round score of 6240. Stephen was behind Zdenek Kolman CZE score of 7210. Alex Anthony made the cut for the final, finishing 10th (2410). Christian Trevor came 16th with a preliminary round score of 2370.

More success came for Stephen Critchley in Jump, who jumped furthest in the preliminary round (39.7m) and continued to win gold in the final with a jump of 39.6m. Winning silver was Antonis Arachovitis GRE (34.9m) with bronze going to Sebastien De Freitas FRA (34.9m). Alex Anthony also made the final and finished 9th (29.9m) with Christian Trevor finishing 26th (17.4m).

With Stephen Crithley’s success over three events, he won gold on the Dauphin boys Overall infront of Sebastien De Freitas FRA and Zdenek Kolman CZE. Alex Anthony finished 12th and Christian Trevor 17th in the Overall.

This led the Dauphin Team to collect a Bronze medal behind France (1st) and Greece (2nd).

The Junior team also added to the medal collection in slalom, with Chris Bellingham winning a bronze with a final round score of 5@12m. This placed Chris behind Matteo Ianni ITA (1.5@11.25m) and Lioc Ricaud FRA (1@11.25m). Sam Haslam made the final and scored 1.5@13m placing him a respectable 10th. In the Junior girls, Nicole Arthur won silver scoring 0.5@12m in the final, just behind Marion Mathieu’s FRA score of 1.5@12m. Kate Adriansen BEL took bronze (5@13m). Emma Mitchell came 15th (2.5@14.25) with Laurie Anthony 23rd (5@16m).

In the Junior Girls Overall, Emma Mitchell and Laurie Anthony finished in 15th and 16th place, behind Marion Matheau FRA (1st), Maryia Veramchuk BLR (2nd) and Kate Adriansen BEL (3rd).

In Junior Boys Overall, Chris Bellingham finished 6th and Sam Haslam 13th. In first was Quentin Lafosse FRA, with Franck Desboyaux FRA 2nd and David Kubat CZE 3rd.

The British Junior Team finished 6th out of 21 countries, behind France (1st) , Belgium (2nd), and Belarus (3rd).

The Hellenic Cup is awarded each year to the most successful combined Dauphin and Junior team, with Britain finishing in a very strong bronze position, behind France (winners) and Czech Rep. (silver).