Britain Takes Bronze

19th September 2002

After one of the most successful seasons ever the British Team performed well at the team event of the 2002 European Championships despite a number of injuries and a team change.

The lottery backed squad consisted of Glenn Campbell, Marie Toms, Jason Seels, and Tom Asher. Their success was rewarded when they took the Bronze having only just been beaten by Byelorussia and France, who took silver and gold respectively.

Jason Seels, defending European Jump Champion and Overall National Mens Champion, had the longest jump during the team event with a staggering 66m.

Glenn Campbell had the best slalom score of the team event with 2 buoys @ 10.25 m line.

We now wait with anticipation for the individual event scores: Jodi Fisher, who has only just recovered from a dramatic fall at The Nationals, is defending European Slalom Champion. Will Asher, brother of team member Tom and Under 21 Champion is yet to ski. And Jason Seels is to defend his European Jump Champion title.

Results of individual performances will be released as they happen over the next few days as the European Championships continues at Roquebrune, France.