European Championships 2002 - Final Results

23rd September 2002

Britain ended the European Championships in style yesterday with silver and bronze.

The results are as follows:

Mens JUMP:

Britain's Jason Seels came third in the Mens Jump Finals with 66.5m after Jochen Luers of Germany (68.8m) and Denmark's Jesper Cassoe (67m).


1st - Thomas Degasperi of Italy with 1 @ 10.25m
2nd - Glenn Campbell of Britain with 5 @ 10.75m
3rd - Fabrizio Ciapponi of Italy with 4 @ 10.75m

And Jeremy Newby-Ricci came sixth with 2 @ 10.75m


1st - Oleg Deviatovski of Byelorussia
2nd - Jason Seels of Britain
3rd - Aleksei Zernosek of Byelorussia

In Womens SLALOM Sarah Gatty Saunt came 5th with 1 and a half @ 11m