BTS Launch a 'Magnificent' Success (Photo Gallery)

October 06
by Virginia Mullins
The listing was posted by The White Horse Leisure & Tennis Centre

Picture Gallery

The last week in September was dominated with the fantastic Body Training System (BTS) Class Launch. The Launch was all about promoting the new choreography for the 7 different BTS classes taught in the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre.

It was a great opportunity for people who had never participated in these classes before to get involved or watch the class from a distance and see them in their full glory. There was a fantastic buzz around the Centre as the Launch kicked off with RPM and Body Step on Monday 25th September. By having three RPM launches over 2 days we were able to ensure that the maximum number of people were able to enjoy the ride with two different instructors. Body Step continued the energy rush with some fancy footwork and an inspirational instructor taking you through the moves.

Tuesday 26th September saw the launch of some fantastic new choreography with Body Pump and Body Balance taking centre stage. In Body Pump, members and non-members alike were entertained with a display of fantastic strength and control and some jaw-dropping outfits from the ladies! A fantastic calm entered the Sports Hall as the three Body Balance instructors moved with grace and poise across the stage, creating positions that some of us can only dream of achieving and ensuring that everyone was stretched to their limits.

The last day, Wednesday the 27th, saw the agility levels rise as Body Combat took up the first fight of the evening, proving that all three instructors were a force to be reckoned with. Each member was put through a series of flying kicks, elbow strikes and powerful punches that challenged participants to the next level. If that wasn’t enough a fantastic Body Attack class ensured that everyone was working to their highest potential. Working with an amazingly energised instructor each person was moved about the sports hall with the adrenalising choreography.

To finish off the launch a brilliantly attended Body Jam class strutted its stuff. With fabulous moves provided by the three Jam instructors everyone was left feeling like the ultimate Dancing Diva!

The classes don’t stop with the launch, though. Please feel free to join your awesome instructors throughout the week for these powerful classes. You will see results, become energised and feel fantastic by taking part in these world-class BTS workouts.

For information on the 7 BTS classes held at WHLTC please use the following links:
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