Lucozade Sport supports SnowSportGB

12th March 2007

With Britain’s top international snowsports competitors having recently taken to the pistes at the World Ski Championships in Sweden, Lucozade Sport and SnowsportGB, the governing body for British Skiing and Snowboarding, are delighted to unveil a new partnership that offers safe and effective sports nutrition products to all of the sport’s elite members.

Installed as the Official Sports Drink of SnowsportGB, Lucozade Sport will supply the GB skiing team with a range of contaminant tested sports nutrition products. SnowsportGB recognised that with the use of GlaxoSmithKline’s pharmaceutical expertise, Lucozade Sport are uniquely placed to actively address the contamination concerns and nutritional needs of its members by batch testing its products to help ensure that they don’t contain WADA-listed prohibited substances or compounds.

Founded in 1964 as the National Ski Federation of Great Britain, SnowsportGB manages and promotes Britain’s top international competitors. Today, SnowsportGB remains integral to Britain’s success on the snow selecting, training and managing the British Teams in all of the International Ski Federation disciplines including, Alpine, Freestyle, Snowboard, Nordic and Speed.

With the global nature of the sport, Lucozade Sport has committed to supplying specialist products to SnowsportGB training camps and competitions throughout the world, helping support skiers throughout their training and maximise their performance during competitions. Requiring constant refuelling and rehydrating, Lucozade Sport’s high performance drink powders, nutrition bars and carbohydrate gels will play an integral role in their preparation, performance and recovery. Understanding the individual requirements of its elite members, SnowsportGB will also have access to the latest products from the Lucozade Sport Science Academy’s (LSSA) specialist product development programme including a Recovery drink powder and the new Creatine and Carbohydrate tablets.

Commenting on the partnership, Jason Cockburn, Chief Executive of SnowsportGB said: ‘joining forces with Lucozade Sport is a huge boost for SnowsportGB and particularly our elite squad. In order to compete with the best, National Team members will spend a minimum of 30 weeks on snow either training or competing therefore it is essential that they fuel and hydrate their bodies correctly in order to perform at their peak. Lucozade Sport’s expertise and advanced nutrition products will prove an asset to our squads during training and competitions.’

In addition, the Lucozade Sport Science Academy will deliver sport science support services to the GB teams. A tailor-made educational support package has been designed that will see Lucozade Sport dieticians deliver sport nutrition workshops to elite skiers whilst an online resource will ensure that all members can benefit from the LSSA’s expertise and knowledge. 

Commenting on the relationship, John Brewer, LSSA Business Director stated, ‘In a commitment to back sportsmen and women across many disciplines, the LSSA is delighted to be supporting skiers. The extreme climate and altitude that these athletes compete in will provide additional first-hand insights into the challenges that skiers face. We look forward to establishing a close relationship with SnowsportGB members so that we can ensure we have the information required on the specific nutritional needs of this demanding sport to continue to develop products that help maximise sporting performance.’