Nought for sport as Chancellor fails to deliver for community clubs

21 March 2007

The listing was posted by The Central Council of Physical Recreation

Commenting on the absence of any significant new investment for community sport in today’s Budget, CCPR chief executive, Tim Lamb, challenged ministers to back up their promises on sport with action.

He said,

“Sports clubs around the country are crying out for new investment so they can offer people more incentives to become active members. Our community clubs can provide solutions to all kinds of community issues – social inclusion, health and skills, for example – but they have to be resourced properly. Opening up sports facilities in academies to community use is good common sense – but barely scratches the surface of what is needed.

“Ministers acknowledge that grassroots sport plays a key role in our social fabric, helping people become healthier and keeping kids off the street, but clubs want to improve and grow, particularly in advance of 2012. To do that, more funding needs to be available to clubs and more incentives need to be put in place to attract members.

“One simple and cheap thing that CCPR has proposed, and which the Chancellor could have done today, is to allow clubs to reclaim tax on junior subscriptions. It would have cost the Treasury no more than £25m, but it would have removed what is effectively a tax on children’s participation in sport and helped clubs up and down the country invest in sporting activities for youngsters.”