Bucks Sport Workforce Development Strategy: Consultation

20th April 2007
by Andrea Healy
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The Bucks & Milton Keynes Sports Partnership recognises that sport is all about people and our workforce is key to achieving our aims.  The Partnership has therefore prioritised Workforce Development and has worked with Sport England, Skills Active and a range of other regional and local partners to produce a draft Workforce Development Strategy for the period 2007-2012.

A draft Strategy has been written based upon extensive workforce development research conducted over recent months including an assessment of the strategic context, individual, organisational and sector wide needs analysis to identify the strategic and operational Workforce challenges and needs facing the sector.

We would be grateful if you could take the time have a look at the strategy and complete the consultation and return by the11th May 2007. To help we have produced a draft executive summary and included the key elements in the feedback form.   We would also encourage you in particular to read the proposals set out in section 4.

To download the draft Strategy click here

To complete the online consultation survey click here