Buccs boys top Avon League

26th January 2009

TeamBath Buccaneers under-13 boys matched their female counterparts by topping the Avon League and earning top seeding in the play-off finals on March 29th.
The under-13 A boys team won all seven of their games in the league.
The squad has consisted of Matt Bolland, Jonny Burnett, Felix Craft, Ben Fussell, Thomas Hardman, Hywel Jones, Billy Mackean, Alex Parsons, Harry Potter, Tim Rouse, Alex Stark and Ollie Williamson.  Matt Bolland and Jonny Burnett have been rotating goalies and played in two league Sundays each. 
A total of 30 goals were scored (plus two given for walkover) by the team, who only conceded three as they topped the league with a maximum 21 points.
The three top scorers in the league were all Buccs players - Felix Craft netted 12, while Hywel Jones and Alex Parsons scored eight each.
The under-13 B boys team played seven games in the league, winning three and losing four. They ended up joint fifth in the league with a total of 17 goals scored and 20 goals against.  
They have had a rotating team with the following players Fraser Adams, Edward Clifford, Chris Davis, Will Davies, Ed Fraser, Campbell Gray, Patrick Greishaber, Matthew Herring, Will Lawton, Alex Lord, Callum Mccabe, Harvey Nolan, George Pidgen, Will Preddy, Callum Smith, Theo Wortelhock.  Matt Herring has been their goalie for three of the league Sundays and Ed Fraser has been goalie for one of the league Sundays.