IPC Athlete Licenses & “Approved” Meets

The listing was posted by Scottish Disability Sport 2

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has introduced an athlete licensing system for all IPC Sports including Athletics.  Without the license results cannot be included on the IPC Athletics Rankings and athletes will not be eligible for quota spots or selection for the 2011 Christchurch World Athletics Championships.
The license is relevant to athletes who are likely to qualify for the 2011 Christchurch IPC World Athletics Championships and the 2012 Paralympic Games.
The requirements for applying for an IPC Athlete license include:
·         Copy of athlete passport or drivers licence
·         Photo
·         Biography data
·         A classification on the IPC Athletics Master-list
·         Eligibility Code Form
Individuals cannot apply for a license.  Only Paralympics GB/UK Athletics (editor unsure) can apply for a license for GB athletes.
IPC Athlete Licenses + “Approved” Meets = Quality Control
Athletes from around the world will be required to have a license and achieve results at IPC “Approved” Meets to be selected for future IPC World Athletics Championships and Paralympic Games.  Although there are a few matters to sort out ( situation with new athletes who have yet to acquire an international classification) this initiative appears to be a “good thing”.  It should:
·         Ensure the quality and reliability of results and the IPC Rankings.
·         Ensure the classification eligibility of the athletes being entered for World Championships and the Paralympic Games.
·         Dramatically improve the reliability and validity of the IPC Points Tables (i.e. for Combined Class events current rankings are used as part of the process to set IPC Points Tables.