Molten renews sponsorship of Kent League

18th March 2009

Molten, the world’s leading manufacturer of quality footballs, has renewed its sponsorship of the Kent Football League for a second term up to December 2011.

The sponsorship makes the Kent Football League the first league in the UK to appoint the revolutionary new Molten VG- 5000 AW, FIFA APPROVED, orange ball as its official ball.

Designed specifically for UK winters, the new Molten VG - 5000 AW has been manufactured using Molten’s new cross fusion bonding technique, which eliminates the traditional hand-stitching method used by all other balls.  Molten’s ground-breaking technology means that the ball does not absorb water in wet conditions and therefore its weight and shape remain constant.  In addition, the absence of hand-stitched seams means that mud does not adhere to the ball, making for a perfectly round ball.  Its bright orange colour with the familiar Molten ACENTEC logo and design make it a highly visible and stylish looking ball.

Commented   Denise Richmond, chairman, Kent Football League:  “We are delighted to have renewed the Molten sponsorship for the League.  Our players love playing with the Molten ACENTEC Vantaggio ball, because of its accuracy, and the way it does not retain water or allow mud to stick to it in wet weather.  In fact, there has not been one complaint about the quality of the Molten football in the past three years. 

“Naturally, we are looking forward to playing with the new orange-coloured Molten VG ball and to be the first League in the UK to do so.  We are also very pleased by the commitment Molten is showing to the teams in terms of substantial discounts for our members on Molten products and rebates to the League on all ball sales that we generate.  This is truly a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Bob Hope, chairman, Molten Sports:  “Molten is proud to be associated with the Kent Football League and to be in a position to renew our sponsorship for a second term.  We are sure all the players are going to enjoy playing with our new orange-coloured VG ball.  Not only is it a highly visible and stylish ball, but it is manufactured using Molten’s patented and innovative ACENTEC technology, which greatly enhances player accuracy when passing and shooting.”