Squash world unites for 2016 Day

27th May 2009
by Ben Taylor
The listing was posted by England Squash

Squash 2016 Day produced a resounding rallying cry all over the globe to support Squash’s bid for inclusion in the 2016 Olympic Games.

In a worldwide festival of Squash, the day began with rock star Phil Buscke of The Datsuns performing a bungee jump live on TV from Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand and continued with an amazing array of events as Squash 2016 Day moved through the various time-zones.

Leading professionals lent their support to the bid by joining in hundreds of Olympic-themed events, all taking place on the same day, Saturday 23 May.

The biggest event of the day was held in the USA at the Apawamis Club in Rye, New York, where squash legends Jonathon Power, David Palmer and John White took part in a 100-a-side Battle of the Border fixture.

The trio – all former world number ones, from Canada, Australia and Scotland, respectively – were joined by US number ones Julian Illingworth and Natalie Grainger, plus fellow pros from around the world including Colombian Bernardo Samper; Brazilian Rafael Alarcon; Australians Raj Nanda, Ryan Cuskelly, Mark Price, Kasey Brown, Lisa Camilleri and Narelle Krizek; Scotsman Stuart Crawford; and English players Phil Barker, Suzie Pierrepont, Chris Walker, John Russell and Mike Ferreira.

World No2 Grainger, a World Squash Federation 2016 Ambassador, said: “It was fantastic to see so many leading players supporting the event and more than 500 people came through the club’s doors on the day. The event raised money for the bid, showcased squash in the most positive way and helped to raise the profile of the sport.”

Events took place across the globe from the townships of Soweto in South Africa, to landmark locations in London, Rio, Chicago, Tokyo and many more.

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