Ambitious plan developed to support archery's continual nationwide development

May 17th, 2010
by Peter Jones
The listing was posted by Archery GB

Archery GB has launched far-reaching, and exciting, plans to develop the sport throughout England.

Two years before the London Olympic Games, the sports' governing body is building on opportunity to promote archery in schools, and to help clubs around the country build for the future.

"The plan is focussed on a limited number of areas, and clubs and schools are the two main areas that we wish to support better over the next three years," said Archery GB's Head of Development, David Reader.

"As the London 2012 Olympics approaches, attention is inevitably going to be focussed on us and we need to help our clubs demonstrate that we are open, welcoming and progressive.

"Where clubs want to grow and develop, then we need to try and help them. We also need to help schools take up archery with greater ease and we have two new members of staff to help fulfil our ambitous plan, and we are all very excited about it."

The Development Plan was born out of Sport England's grant to Archery GB last year of just under £860,000, which meant the organisation had its first chance to seriously look ahead to the future.

Said Mr Reader: "In order to actually release that money, over the last 12 months, we have had to construct a development plan that demonstrates that we have a clear vision on what areas of our sport we want to develop.

"So it is pleasing, that we are now able to share our development plan with members, affiliates and external partners of Archery GB.

"It means that for the first time, we are competing with the many other sports in the UK who have been growing with the aid of government funding. The money we have been given is not enough to do all we want to do, but it is a start. We now need to demonstrate that we can use that money to bring about growth and development."

But the plan is restricted to England – because funding for it has been given by Sport England.


Said Mr Reader: “Spending the money in England only is an obligation.


“As a governing body for the UK, we have been in touch with the other home country Sport Councils and discussed how they can support the plan.


“To date, we have not secured funding to fully expand the activities, but where possible we will endeavour to support our members in the home countries.”