New Independent Partner for BHS

25th February 2011

The Latvian Young Riders School has become an “Independent Partner” of The British Horse Society.

BHS Chairman Dr Phil Wadey said: “The Trustees are delighted that the Latvian Young Riders School, which has gained for itself an excellent reputation within Eastern Europe, has joined the BHS as an Independent Partner. Although the Society has for decades exported its expertise around the world, we are always keen to link up with others whose traditions and perspectives may provide valuable learning opportunities for us in the UK.”

Ilze Konevala, Executive Director of the Latvian Young Riders School said: “We are proud to be an Independent Partner of The British Horse Society. Latvia is a small country but with great opportunities. We are working hard to promote the development of equestrian sport in the region, and forming partnerships abroad inspires us to improve our performance and help us as we aspire to common goals.”