BHS urges equestrians to have their say on Forestry issues

4th June 2011

The British Horse Society is encouraging all equestrians to make their voice heard by the Independent Panel on Forestry. The Panel has asked the public for their views on the use of forests and woods in England and what they can and should provide, now and in the future.

The panel, which was set up to advise Government on the future of England’s forests and woods, calls the consultation “the start of an ongoing dialogue with everyone who is interested in forests and woods”.

Their remit includes, but is not limited to, the work of the Forestry Commission and includes forests and woods in public, private and charitable ownership, and will consider the economics of forestry, public benefits such as well being, access for leisure pursuits and the role of forests and woods and related open habitat in the wider natural environment.

BHS Director of Access, Safety and Welfare, Mark Weston, said: “As equestrians were not given a voice on the independent panel, it is imperative that riders make their voices heard on their use of Britain’s forests and woodlands. We are campaigning for fairer access for equestrians to forests and woodlands, as riders and carriage drivers are often restricted in their access to forests where other user groups are not.”

The consultation is open until 31 July 2011.