Working in the UK to become easier for top Int'l trainers

23rd November 2011

The British Horse Society can help open doors for top trainers from around the world to come and work in the UK’s leading equestrian centres.

The UK Border Agency has approved the BHS ‘endorsement status’ for Tier Two and Five of the Points Based System used in granting visas. This means that the Society can support a person who is a top level equestrian and lives outside the EU on an application for a visa to work in the UK. If an applicant is given ‘endorsement status’ it means that the BHS will have already ensured they have met the specific requirements set out by the UK Border Agency.

This has huge benefits for British equestrianism, making the way easier for internationally established trainers at the highest level in the sport to come to the UK and pass on their skills and knowledge. BHS approved training centres and other registered equestrian centres around the country will be able to supplement their already excellent training provision and attract world class trainers to teach their students – the rising talent of tomorrow.

For more information on the scheme please contact the BHS Approvals department on 02476 840509.