British Swimmers Belgium Bound

16th January 2013

Britain’s young swimmers will start the new year with a competition in Antwerp, Belgium on the 19th and 20th January.
The team of 48 swimmers, predominantly on the development programme, will be taking part in the Flanders Speedo Cup as they get the 2013 season up and running.
Amongst those selected are World Junior Champion, Rachel Kelly and European Junior Champions Joseph Patching, Elena Sheridan, Molly Renshaw and Matthew Johnson.
Olympians Liam Tancock, Fran Halsall and Amy Smith will also travel out with the team to race for the first time since they joined the National Sprint Group under Coach James Gibson.
And Ciaran O’Brien, the Team Leader for the event says it will be a great way for the youngsters to blow away the Christmas cobwebs and focus on the new season ahead.
He said: “The Flanders Cup will provide a quality racing opportunity against an international field, including some World Class competitors.
“We are travelling with a large team who will take a no compromise approach to the event, maximising the benefits of racing tough at this stage of the season as part of the preparation for opportunities and challenges that lie later in the year and throughout the quad cycle to Rio 2016.”
The British Gas GBR Swimming team is:
Thomas Allen                     British Gas Swansea ITC
Lewis Coleman                  City of Sheffield
James Guy                          Millfield School
Calum Jarvis                       British Gas Bath ITC
Matthew Johnson           City of Sheffield
Jack Marriott                      Oxford University
Joseph Patching                               Plymouth Leander
Adam Peaty                       City of Derby
Russell Smith                     British Gas Stockport ITC
Thomas Sunter                 City of Sheffield
Jessica Fullalove               City of Manchester Aquatics
Georgia Hohmann           Loughborough University
Karley Mann                      Hillingdon
Lauren Quigley                  City of Manchester Aquatics
Molly Renshaw                 Derventio
Elena Sheridan                  Romford Town
Lucy Spencer                     City of Sheffield
Sophie Taylor                     City of Leeds
Adam Barrett                     Loughborough University
James Broady                    Loughborough University
Jonathan Carlisle              British Gas Bath ITC
Melako Coker                    Ealing
Nicholas Grainger            City of Sheffield
David Gregory                   City of Sheffield
Kane Haggett                     Derventio
Alfie Howes                        British Gas Bath ITC
Sam Horrocks                    City of Manchester Aquatics
Max Litchfield                    Doncaster Dartes
Stephen Milne                  Perth City
Alex Murphy                      Abingdon Vale
Ben Proud                           Plymouth Leander
Braxston Timm                  City of Sheffield
Lucy Charles                       Hatfield
Georgina Evans                 City of Liverpool
Isabella Hindley                                Chelsea Westminster
Emily Jones                         Garioch
Rachael Kelly                      Loughborough University
Shauna Lee                         Hatfield
Danielle Lowe                    Middlesborough
Libby Mitchell                    Swansea University
Corrie Scott                        University of Edinburgh
Grace Vertigans                Plymouth Leander
Rachael Williamson         Kingston upon Hull
Rebecca Turner                                City of Sheffield
Eleanor Faulkner              City of Sheffield
Liam Tancock                     National Sprint Group
Francesca Halsall              National Sprint Group
Amy Smith                          National Sprint Group