GB Paratriathlon team dominates European Championships

16th June 2013

The Great Britain Paratriathlon team came away from sun drenched Alanya, Turkey with six gold, four silver and two bronze medals from the ETU Paratriathlon European Championships.

Having come to paratriathlon from other sports, new team members Lauren Steadman, Phil Hogg and Dave Ellis all claimed gold over the 750 metre swim, 20 kilometre bike and 5 kilometre run. Sarah Pearson was another new team member to cross the line first, winning the Tri3 category.

Steadman was part of a British 1-2 with Clare Cunningham in the Tri4 category. Both have represented ParalympicsGB at swimming. Also a former ParalympicsGB swimmer, David Ellis struck gold on his debut, having used his swimming background to exit the ocean first following the 750m swim.

Steadman said: “I definitely had to work hard for this. The swim is my strength and I had a good, smooth transition. On the bike I just wanted to keep distance between myself and everyone else. On the run I had jelly legs but I gave it my all.”

Phil Hogg was delighted with Tri1 gold in his first international Paratriathlon. Team mate Joe Townsend was third.

Hogg said: “It’s emotional, I can only thank my coaches and my family and I can’t thank them enough for getting me here. I was thinking on the third or fourth bike lap that I had a chance but I knew I had to keep on the gas and keep racing.”

Experienced team members, Jane Egan and Melissa Reid added to their international medal tallies with gold in the Tri1 and Tri6 categories respectively.

Egan, 42 from Scotland, won the title for the fourth time in a row and said: “I’m really pleased, it’s nice to keep the title, I think I’ve had it since 2010. For the first time ever I think I had a really good swim!”

Results: 6 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze
1. Jane Egan, GBR, 1:30:53
1. Sarah Pearson, GBR, 1:28:51
1. Lauren Steadman, GBR, 1:09:25
2. Clare Cunningham, GBR, 1:11:46
1. Melissa Reid, GBR, 1:07:37
2. Charlotte Ellis, GBR, 1:08:36

1. Phil    Hogg, GBR, 1:05:55
3. Joe Townsend, GBR, 1:12:34
2. Steven Judge, GBR, 1:10:18
3. Haseeb Ahmad, GBR, 1:05:47
1. David Ellis, GBR, 1:00:04
2. Iain Dawson, GBR, 1:01:33