Euro Athletics Junior Championships Flash Quote - Men's 200m

20th July 2013

Nethaneel  Mitchell-Blake – European Junior 200m Champion – 20.62 (-0.7m/s)
Coming through the rounds was intense, with just two hours recovery, so credit needs to go to the British Athletics physiotherapists and trainers for helping us get ready for this.

I was able to execute a good race into a headwind and come away with a gold – I’m grateful.

We have a good camaraderie as a team you know, we’re all from Great Britain, representing one country, and we’re very supportive of one another.

It just goes to show that Great Britain’s 200m sprinting is the best in Europe, and hopefully we can go and try and conquer the world now. This is just the beginning.

Chijindu won the 100m, and we’ve got a 1-2-3 in the 200m, so what more can we ask for going into the 4x100m relay.

Leon Reid – European Junior 200m Silver Medallist – 20.92 (-0.7m/s)

With these two alongside me dropping fast times, we really were just bouncing off each other to go faster and faster, and that’s what we did.

The medals going to feel great when it’s around my neck – they might be a bit heavy but if we can handle that wind we can handle the medals!

The bend was very hard, trying to chase Nethaneel down. We all went together and it was who could finish the strongest. He picked up, I picked up and then Matt picked up, and we all finished strongly.

I’m just overwhelmed - we came as a team and we’ve finished as a team – I’m just so happy.

Matthew Hudson-Smith - European Junior 200m Bronze Medallist – 20.94 (-0.7m/s)

This is my first medal at my first major championships, so there’s nothing more I could ask for.

I thought  I was last at one point but my straight helped me through, so I’m just really happy. By the time I got the bend everyone was past me, so I had to fight hard in the straight.

I don’t even know what to say – I’m just too happy!