Randall and Federici stay ninth in Barcelona

25th July 2013

British synchronised swimmers Jenna Randall and Olivia Federici maintained their rankings from the prelims to finish ninth in the Duet Free final on day six of the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona.

Performing their 'Ravens on the Tower of London' routine, originally choreographed for last year's Olympics, the British pair scored 87.180 to replicate their result from the Duet competition at London 2012 last year.

Having worked with Masayo Imura for the past two months the routine showed improved precision on the figures and speed in the performance.

Randall and Federici excelled with their improvement to their technique and extension of their legs and arms.

“We hoped for something better in the marks,” admitted Federici. “It would have been nice to start reaching in to the 90s this week which we’ve been trying to do.

“Sometimes it’s hard when you receive low marks after a good performance but all we can control is our own performance and we know we gave it our best.

Randall added: “The performance went really well today. We were really trying to focus on the small corrections we had from the prelims and I think we were able to do it so we’re both very pleased with that.”