Turner appointed as first female IAAF Int' Tech Official

18th November 2013

Linda Turner has become the first British woman to be appointed to the role of International Technical Official (ITO) by the IAAF. Turner will hold the position up to 2017 and joins Chris Cohen, who has been an ITO since 2009.

Turner, who officiated at London 2012, was delighted to be given the role. She said: “I must admit that when I got the news of this appointment I had the same feelings that I experienced on the day I heard that I had been nominated for the Olympics and Paralympics. I’m now looking forward to visiting more places, meeting more people and improving myself as a technical official.”

“I have loved being on the European Athletics Area Technical Official panel for the past four years as it has given me the opportunity to see how other countries conduct their events and work alongside local officials and my other European colleagues.”

Cherry Alexander, British Athletics Major Events Director, believes that Turner’s appointment is well deserved.

She said: “This is a fantastic and truly well-earned reward for Linda. It is a milestone result for British Athletics too as this is the first time a British female official has passed the examinations and then been selected to IAAF International Technical Official standard.”

“Linda has worked admirably over many years, displaying her enthusiasm, commitment and skills officiating at both domestic and world class levels for a number of years at British Athletics’ major events and she also had a key role at both the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012.”

“This is a fitting reward for all her efforts; Linda is a clear example of how hard work coupled with a robust education pathway implemented by British Athletics can be rewarded. Linda will be recognised worldwide as an official with expertise and prestige and there will be further opportunities to lead in officiating roles around the world at major events.”

Turner recently attended the Women in World Athletics programme (WIWA), British Athletics’ initiative to increase the number of women in important volunteering and technical official roles ahead of the 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships, and credits the programme as playing an important role in her appointment as an ITO.

She said: “I attended the first WIWA seminar earlier this year and found it a brilliant chance to interact with women from Europe and the rest of the World who have leading roles within the sport in their country. It made me keener to try to become an ITO so that I could further my knowledge and experience throughout the world as well as in Europe.”

Alexander added: “In the first year of WIWA, it is great to see that it has already created a momentum for women’s leadership roles. WIWA will be held over the next five years and we will work to identify and assist additional volunteers who wish to take the next step along the pathway.”