British swimmers aiming high in Belgium

24th January 2014

A strong British Gas GBR Swimming team will head to Antwerp this weekend for the Flanders Speedo Cup.
The team of 46 will compete against some of the top swimmers in Europe as they continue the preparation phase of the year in readiness for a season that includes the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and European Championships in Berlin.
Senior swimmers such as Olympic Silver medallist Michael Jamieson and World Championship medallist Fran Halsall will be joined by an identified group of talented, young swimmers looking to build on their experience on the international circuit.
Head Coach Bill Furniss, said: “The Flanders Speedo Cup is the first competition of the year and provides a great opportunity for our athletes to compete against some of the top swimmers in Europe.
“In a year when we have the Commonwealth Games and European Championships it’s good for the team to be competing at a World Class level at this stage of their preparations.
“It’s also important to provide the next generation of swimmers with the opportunity to race internationally as they continue to build and grow as athletes. The senior swimmers on the team will help with this development.”
British Gas GBR team for the Flanders Speedo Cup
Adam Barrett (British Gas Nat Sprint Prog, Loughborough) (England)
Adam Brown (Auburn (U.S.)) (England)
Adam Peaty (City of Derby) (England)
Aimee Willmott (Middlesbrough) (England)
Amy Smith (British Gas ITC Loughborough) (England)
Andrew Willis (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Anne Bochmann (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Ben Proud (Plymouth Leander) (England)
Caleb Hughes (Hatfield) (England)
Calum Jarvis (British Gas ITC Bath) (Wales)
Charlotte McKenzie (F.I.R.S.T) (Scotland)
Chris Steeples (City of Manchester) (England)
Christopher Walker-Hebborn (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Craig McNally (Warrender) (Scotland)
Danielle Lowe (Bebington) (England)
Eleanor Faulkner (City of Sheffield) (England)
Elena Sheridan (British Gas ITC Loughborough) (England)
Elizabeth Simmonds (University of Bath) (England)
Francesca Halsall (British Gas Nat Sprint Prog, Loughborough) (England)
Georgia Davies (British Gas ITC Swansea) (England)
Hannah Miley (Garioch) (Scotland)
Ieuan Lloyd (City of Cardiff) (Wales)
James Guy (Millfield) (England)
Jazmin Carlin (British Gas ITC Swansea) (Wales)
Jemma Lowe (British Gas ITC Bath) (Wales)
Jessica Fullalove (City of Manchester) (England)
Jessica Lloyd (City of Manchester) (England)
Jonathan Carlisle (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Joseph Roebuck (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Lauren Quigley (Stockport Metro) (England)
Lewis Coleman (City of Sheffield) (England)
Matthew Johnson (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Max Litchfield (City of Sheffield) (England)
Michael Jamieson (British Gas ITC Bath) (Scotland)
Molly Renshaw (Derventio Excel) (England)
Nicholas Grainger (City of Sheffield) (England)
Rachael Kelly (British Gas Nat Sprint Prog, Loughborough) (England)
Rebecca Turner (City of Sheffield) (England)
Robbie Renwick (City of Glasgow) (Scotland)
Robert Holderness (Millfield) (Wales)
Roberto Pavoni (British Gas ITC Loughborough) (England)
Ross Murdoch (British Gas ITC Stirling) (Scotland)
Siobhan-Marie O'Connor (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Sophie Allen (British Gas ITC Bath) (England)
Sophie Smith (British Gas ITC Loughborough) (England)
Stephen Milne (Perth City) (Scotland)