IAAF World Junior Championships - Morgan Lake

24th July 2014

Flash quote 1 - IAAF World Junior Championships - Morgan Lake

I don’t even think it’s sunk in yet, I’m so happy. I’ve wanted it for so long, I haven’t really spoken about it with anyone because I didn’t want to jinx it.

In the 800m I was so dead at the end, I’d pushed at 200m to go when maybe I should have gone at 150m or 100m but I was just trying to make the line.

The world youth record means everything too, it’s what I train for so I’m really happy.

It was an absolutely amazing experience and the crowd were amazing. It’s a nice little stadium so you can hear everyone. Day one and day two were both solid and I was delighted to come away with the gold medal.

(On being so young) I don’t think about age, everyone is a junior and they wouldn’t put us in the category if we weren’t ready for it so I try not to think about age and instead just think about getting through the events