British Horse Society celebrates its Fellows

11th February 2015

The British Horse Society unveiled a Board of Honour at its Warwickshire headquarters on Friday (30 January) to celebrate those who have achieved the ultimate accolade – Fellowship of The British Horse Society.
The BHS Fellowship dates back to 1949 and includes many of the equestrian world’s best and brightest. Becoming a Fellow represents the highest qualification to which an instructor can aspire and takes many years to achieve. The Society has erected the board in the heart of its headquarters in honour of its 78 Fellows.
Chief Executive of The British Horse Society, Lynn Petersen said: “The Fellowship remains the highest honour in the equestrian world. It is an honour that is earned through intelligence and sheer hard work. It does not come fast or easy. You have to earn it.
“At The British Horse Society it is our mission to educate people about the horse. This is the reason we exist. These exceptional equestrians are the inspiration for our education. They carry this responsibility not just in the UK and Ireland, but throughout the world.”
Tessa Martin-Bird FBHS, Chairman of the Fellows Association, said: “It is so lovely to see our names up there on the board and for us also to be able to remember the names of those who are not with us today. We all know how special the Fellowship is and we’re all very proud to be here, it’s a day we’re never going to forget.”
Yogi Breisner MBE FBHS said: “Being here today together with so many famous equestrians to see the board unveiled – seeing the names up there and seeing who has taken the Fellowship over the years – is a very humbling experience and I feel very honoured to be part of it.”