Australian Innovation to Change the Face of Surfing

4th September 2003

A Western Australian company has developed a world first traction device for surfboards set to revolutionise and enhance the sport of surfing around the globe.

The device known as Spindek, is a rotating traction surface that attaches to a surfboard in the place of deck grip allowing a surfer to use their feet to generate more power and sharper turning with less physical effort.

Spindek, which is currently being trialed by several of the top ranked surfers in the World Championship Tour (WCT) and Airshow World Series circuits around the world, was originally developed by Extreme Solutions International (XSi), after six years of intensive research and development.

Director of XSi and local surfer Rod Mackay discovered Spindek by accident after breaking a complex section of a surfboard control system he was testing.

Rod was left with a freely rotating disc attached to the surface of the surfboard that unexpectedly improved board handling and allowed him to perform manouveres that were not previously possible.

Rod Mackay then joined forces with business partner and fellow surfer Chris Gray in several years of painstaking research, funded from their life savings and local investment, to perfect Spindek as a high performance accessory that can be mounted to any board without modification.

Rod and Chris believe that Spindek has the potential to change the future of surfing and surf competitions around the globe.

"Surfing has hardly changed since the sixties. There has been minimal equipment improvement other than minor variations in fin design. It's impossible to guess the impact of a development as significant as Spindek."

"We believe there is a massive potential market for Spindek and we hope to gain approval from a number of international surfing associations shortly."

XSi has been awarded grants through the WA Business Development Scheme and the Austrade Market Developmet Program to develop Spindek, which will be showcased at the South African sports trade fair this September.

Spindek is being distributed by the surfing equipment label Soggy and is available via the 'Soggy Planet' website:

Soggy plans to distribute Spindek into international markets including the USA, Japan, UK, France, Brazil and Indonesia and will present Spindek at international trade shows and major US and Australian surfing competitions later this year.